G9 Lampe à LED 220V 230V 240V Ampoule LED Crystal 2835 3014 Céramique Ampoule LED pour Lustre Spotlight Remplacer la Lampe de l'Halogène

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  • Le Nom De La Marque: MEEL
  • Tolérance De Puissance: 3%
  • Température De Couleur: Blanc froid(5500-7000K)
  • Occasion: Chambre à coucher
  • Ampoule À Led De Type: Ampoule De Maïs
  • Type D'Élément: Les Ampoules à LED
  • Puce de LED Modèle: Deux mille huit cent trente cinq
  • Flux lumineux: 250 - 499 Lumens
  • Émission De La Couleur: Blanc Chaud, Blanc Froid
  • La Certification: CE,RoHS,CCC
  • Forme: Bar
  • Angle De Faisceau(°): 360°
  • Durée de Vie moyenne (heures): Cinquante mille
  • Tension: 220V 230V 240V
  • Puce de LED de la Marque: Epistar
  • Type De Base: G9
  • Numéro de Puce de LED: 33leds/51leds/72leds/76leds
  • Puissance en watts: G9 33LED 2835SMD, G9 51LED 2835SMD, G9 72LED 3014SMD, G9 76LED 2835SMD

La Taille Du Paquet 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (1.97in x 1.97in x 1.97in)Le Poids Du Colis 0.025kg (0.06lb.)Type D'Unité pièce

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A big disappointment, the seller says that 76LDS should shine like 70 watts, but it's not true, it's lit up max like 40 watts ... I think it's like deceiving the customer ... I do not recommend buying these bulbs.
not shine bright so so
lovely light
17 days arrived to the seller. sormuştım said he got me a light output of 1200 lumens. in boy oh boy believed but averages 850-900 lumens arround a lumen power beklentim tamamdı verse of this for me that's what you 've been waiting for it 15 watt model to be bought with 75 leds and on the box top only 350 lumens lumens yazıyordu350 nere 1200 lumens nere. chandelier six-party. the 5 takınca room so beautiful illuminated 6 one of them is getting full but i behold these 1200 lümendi takınca why they did not lie this immorality söylüyorsunuz yalanla goods. 2 li or 3 's avizeye takılacaksa from 2 or 3 posts into a hall let me say enough. small room 2 for the quantity at is fine lighting does. the seller liar. The product says 1200 lumens. But the product writes 350 lumens in the box. The lumen value is never 1200 lumens. The lumen is low. 15 watts 2835 leds should give much more lumens. please don't buy goods from the seller, I don't recommend
Eduard 78
first good. seller satisfied. high quality goods. this seller заказывал раза-g9 has 2 2835 smd 76 led bulb. years ago раз-2 first and still work! light for a very long time every day, said that good quality. shine bright. but, unfortunately, and have been flawed: 1. when this seller заказывал back 2 (6 pieces) a few days has stopped work is one of them. 2 are other have 5 pieces but! 2. first batch when received light bulbs was white light color, not yellow, заказывал i. but this time sent yellow, заказывал as. in general, advantages, in my opinion, more than the flaws, and all're bulbs ordered therefore recommend!